We were meant
to do this

Interior Design Industry

Back in 1997, Intend's founder, Marcus Doublard, was working for historic fabric reproducers Guy Evans Ltd. At the time, interior designers had to select samples blindly, ordering them over the phone. Marcus recognised the potential to develop websites with user interface library systems, which allow designs to be presented and sourced online.

He went on to work with what is now the British Institute of Interior Design, on an early website portal for finding designers and suppliers under one umbrella. In 2001, Doublard Design was founded, and partnered with Decorex International, the renowned luxury design show. Respected suppliers including Andrew Martin International subsequently engaged Doublard Design to develop their websites.

Since then, the company has continued to build a strong reputation within the interior design industry and beyond, delivering websites and bespoke content management systems to showcase companies and their product ranges beautifully.

Why have we developed Intend?

Our clients have been increasingly seeking inventory management solutions to streamline their businesses. Recognising this demand, and with a deep rooted understanding of fabrics & wallpaper, we focussed on developing a robust solution for this specific area of the interior design industry. Having an understanding of its peculiarities and how the interior design industry operates, placed us in a strong position to provide a robust solution that overcomes many of the problems that fabric & wallpaper companies face when handling sales, purchase ordering and on-going inventory management logistics.

We understand the language and we understand the requirements for cuttings, sampling, reserves, stock reserves, CFA's, faults, batches, proforma & trade discounted sales and everything in between, which, as any fabric & wallpaper company will be well aware, is hugely complex.

We have taken the time, working closely with leading suppliers, to understand the issues that are presented when running a fabric company focussed on supplying the interior design industry. We have also taken into account some supplier's use of a third party warehousing / fulfilment company. This requires a system that can handle sales and purchase ordering, at the same time as providing remote access to an appointed warehouse, so that orders passed through can be processed.

Can you imagine a centralised system
that enables everyone in your business to fulfil his or her role efficiently?

Our aim is to provide our clients with a fully integrated, all encompassing solution. Many fabric & wallpaper companies have separation between their showroom, office, website, inventory management, sales and accounting software. We are able to integrate all of these areas in one powerful solution