Support Service

Providing a dependable, efficient and continuous support service
is an important part of what we do; we are here to help.

We take your business seriously and endeavour to ensure that our contribution is to make it run
more smoothly and efficiently by making sure Intend operates without issue.

If you do have a problem, we provide a number of helpful ways through which to find a speedy resolution.

Intend Software Knowledgebase

Our knowledgebase is essentially
a comprehensive user guide, providing
helpful tips on how to perform any task within
Intend, along with visual references.

Intend Software Knowledgebase
Intend Support Ticketing System

Intend Support Ticketing System

Our support ticketing system allows our clients
to register support and feature requests at
different priority levels that get responded
to accordingly.

And of course, we remain available
to speak to VIA the telephone