Automated processing of fabrics, wallpapers, accessories, lighting & furniture made easy

INTEND automates the management of sampling, stock reserves, faults, piece batches, proforma & trade discounted sales and everything in between. It interfaces with multiple accounting systems and when linked to our clients' website, can achieve straight-through-processing.

Intend Core - Fabrics, Wallpapers & Accessories

Intend Core

Fabrics, Wallpapers & Accessories

INTEND Core provides all the functionality you need to manage your sales and distribution of fabrics, wallpapers and accessories. As well as facilitating high levels of automation, INTEND Core will give you insights into your clients, stock, invoicing etc. that enable you to focus on profitability and to expand your business.
Furniture and Lighting

Intend Components

Furniture and Lighting

In addition to fabrics and wallpaper, some suppliers have more complex component requirements, typically associated with furniture and lighting products. Total control of component status facilitates transparent delivery timelines and satisfied customers!
Intend Distribution - Manage Trade Accounts

Intend Distribution

Manage Trade Accounts

Make your trade accounts, agents and sales rep's self-sufficient by giving them access to Intend information via the Distribution module.

INTEND Distribution enables you to offer access, via a company branded web portal, to allocated stock inventory, with assigned pricing tariffs. You control third party access and permissions to information and functions such as sample requests, quotations, reminders and generating orders.

With enhanced CRM capabilities, INTEND Distribution will produce more detailed and valuable reporting such as regional sales and commissions.
Accountancy Software - Integration

Accounting Software


INTEND synchronises with your accounting platform to eliminate duplication of tasks. All shared functions such as account creation, invoicing and purchase orders are performed in one system only and data is replicated perfectly across both. This module seamlessly connects your back and middle office operations.
Feature Requests - Intend is constantly evolving

Feature Requests

Intend is constantly evolving

We encourage our clients to request new features to expand the functionality of the system and to improve the user experience. We regularly discuss these ideas and gather them via our e-support system. We then prioritise the requests, and deliver them so that all clients can benefit from the enhancements.

Key features of Intend Core

Point of SalePoint of Sale (POS)

Your team needs be able to focus on handling sales and client relations with ease. With this in mind, we've created an intuitive user interface that takes the complexity out of the POS process. Whether handling quotations, sales, reserves, purchases or sampling, INTEND enables you to work quickly and efficiently.

Example Videos

Client look up, order status, invoice referencing Point Of Sale

Pro Forma & VAT InvoicingPro Forma & VAT Invoicing

INTEND produces professional documentation for sending to clients & suppliers.

We can match any document layout provided, to offer continuity of company branding, facilitating a seamless transition to intend.

Documentation is either issued through the system, or via your own email client software, such as Outlook or Mac Mail, enabling you to refer to your history of communication with individual account managers.

Example Documents

Purchase Ordering & ConversionsPurchase Ordering & Conversions

INTEND's Purchase Order functionality is integrated with POS, so that your team can process sales, without delay, when stock replenishment (back-orders) are required to fulfill an order.

Other key functionality:

Assign individual suppliers to each product held within the system. Set minimum order quantities, lead times and get notified at (pre-set) low stock level points.

Convert base cloth to printed designs and other component-based-products to completed items.

Example Videos

Placing a back order Converting basecloth

Warehouse, Inventory Management Receipt & Despatch of GoodsWarehouse, Inventory Management
Receipt & Despatch of Goods.

Warehouse, inventory management and the despatching of goods are at the heart of what INTEND facilitates.

Receipt of Goods:
  • All Purchase orders are linked with sales
    • Warehouse personnel are made aware of any sales that are processed as back-orders, against a due purchase order.
    • When the goods are received and added to stock inventory, effectively booking the goods in, notifications of linked sales are indicated.
  • When adding goods to stock, Intend provides an opportunity is to 'mark (fabric) faults'.
    • Fabric faults are marked when running a roll from one end to another. These are then displayed in reverse, as the beginning of the roll would be at the opposite end.
    • Faults locations are visually displayed on the fabric roll's (sku) swing tag label along with current quantities.
  • When adding stock into the system, fabric rolls can be added to individually, or as part of a dye print batch with associated (batch) sku referencing.
Multiple Locations:
  • Intend enables you to set up multiple warehouses and in-house stock locations via bin (grid-reference) allocation, i.e. Warehouse 1, Bin A1, or D4 etc.
    • You can change sku locations.

Example Videos

Warehouse deliveries Receiving goods linked with Purchase Orders Receiving goods as individual batches
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