It's important that your business sensitive data
is stored securely

We take security very seriously and have consulted with IT security professionals in the
banking industry to ensure that INTEND is locked down and as secure as we can make it.

Secure Coding Practices
Our approach to coding follows guidelines as recommended by OWASP.

Security Updates
All new security updates are monitored and deployed expediently.

Data Encryption
INTEND uses standard cryptographic protocols (such as SSL/TLS) when transferring data. All data stored within Intend is encrypted to the highest level.

Penetration Tests
The security of Intend software and its architecture is continually tested to ensure the highest level of security and to protect against any unauthorised access.

INTEND uses multi-factor authentication as part of the user login process. Multi-factor authentication is a proven way to lessen the likelihood of a data breach via a compromised password.

Data Logging
All user activities are logged and database access and changes are fully audited. This ensures that a historical record of your data and any changes is always available.


Robert Kime